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Zap N Blast

Welcome! You’re here because you obviously clicked the
wrong link and now you’re reading this because as it turns out
you want to know a little something, something about
Zap n’ Blast!

Here is our tale-- our story-- our “About” and every word is
true, we promise!!


Blast: 30 years ago the greatest war in space was fought between two opposing
factions. On one side, the Evil Master-Bators!! (Horribly ugly brutish creatures
with fangs and green skin!) Enslaving the universe they were tyrants of Space and
all the civilizations throughout! Real mean motherfuckers who would kill what-
ever stood in their way. Opposing these monsters were the angelic beings called
the… um

Zap: Angels?...

Blast: --yeah, And they fought good and hard and stopped the Master-Bators once
and for all!

Zap: Shit ,that‘s fuckin’ *puff puff* awesome--

Blast: Yeah but it wasn’t easy for the Angels. The Queen of the Angels, this abso-
lutely bad assed gun wielding mother of all badasses was to conceive two chil-
dren and as it turns out believe it or not, the father was the King of those ass ugly

Zap: get the fuck outta here!

Blast: No, really-- and --

Zap: Wait a second!! What the fuck are you talking about Blast?!

Blast: Our story man… how we got here drawing tits and shit.

Zap: Oh… right on *puff*…go on then.

Blast: As I was saying… Okay so the Angelic Queen was actually in love with the
King Master –Bator and--

Zap: Let me get this straight… The Queen actually fucked the Ugly assed Masto-
Bater dude?!

Blast: Yep.

Zap: Jesus fuck!!

Blast: Zap… you already know this story--

Zap: Fuck yeah I do!

Blast: So—-

Zap: Wait?! We’re the sons of an Angelic Space Being and a Master-Bator?

BLAST: *Facepalm*

Blast: Well that’s our story folks and thanks for stopping by! The comics
section is that way and don’t forget to heart the shit out of everything!!