Frequently Asked Questions

Why use our site for all your explicit comic porn needs?

Because we love comic porn as much as you do. We’re just two guys with a complete utter adoration for the
cartoon variety. We grew up in front of the TV on
Saturday morning, Sunday afternoons we’d be at the
matinée watching Disney films. We’ve spent the better of 10 years working outside of this industry as illustrators and we’ve always felt this was our domain and that we could do it well. By coming to our site, you’re supporting Indy comic creators and having a
tantalizing time doing it. Can’t really ask for more than that!!!

Who is Zap and Blast?

We’re just some cartoon characters some real people came up with. Butt we love titty fucking! That’s for sure!... and cartoon porn.

Can I submit my portfolio to you handsome devils?

No! For the love of fucking God, no! Keep that shit away from us!
Well Actually. Zap just told me we’re NOT currently hiring at the moment, but if you’d like a critique, you can always send us your portfolio | Click Here |

Who comes up with these unique completely original ideas?

Zap n Blast do. All characters and comics and pinups are
exclusive to

Can I hire you guys to draw some content for my site?

Yes! We accept commissions based on our availability, though this could change in the future. | Click Here |

How long does it take you do complete a page?

We work really hard. A solid 3 hours per day and we’re wiped! No but really it’s a completely collaborative
process between Zap n Blast. A page can take anywhere from a couple hours to a whole day.